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Urgent Emegency Repairs

First we need to define what an urgent emergency repair is.
Sometimes certain repairs are a major inconvenience and have a sense of urgency about them. For instance you have run out of hot water due to a faulty hot water system. Yes this is an inconvenience that needs to be dealt with promptly; however not an emergency.
On the other hand perhaps you have no water at all; now that is far more serious!

You could actually summarise the definition of an urgent emergency repair in just two statements:

  1. A danger to yourself or to other people within the vicinity of your leased property
  2. A danger to the landlord's property or danger of further damage to the landlord's property

The following are examples of emergencies previously summarised in the two statements above:

  • A serious roof leak
  • A burst water pipe
  • An appliance or fixture that is causing a substantial waste of water
  • Flooding or serious flood damage
  • A gas leak
  • A dangerous electrical fault or exposed electrical wiring
  • Serious storm damage
  • Serious fire damage

For All Emergency Repairs

  1. Please Call the Tradesmen Below First:
    Electrical repairs: ELECTRIAN (Suman) Telephone: 0424377541
    Plumbing repairs: Crown Plumbing (Sebastian) Telephone 0415430568
    Other repairs: HANDYMAN (Daniel) Telephone: 0424044106
    Lock Smith Applied Locksmiths Warren Telephone 0408958410
    Lock Smith Almain Locksmiths Glen Telephone 0400219405
  2. Refer to Page two of your lease agreement
  3. Communication is also important please phone our office on (02) 8880 7655 and at least leave a message and then email us
  4. Only when you have carried out steps 1 to 3 and have read and understood "Remember Your Obligations" should you organise your own repair person

If your repair is not an emergency please submit a repair request here

Remember Your Obligations

Section 52.5 of your lease agreement states:
Mitigation of loss relating to Urgent Repairs The rules of law relating to mitigation of loss or damage apply to this agreement. If any urgent repair needs to be carried out as per clause 19 the tenant must make an attempt to mitigate the landlord’s loss. The repair cost MUST be reasonable in the circumstances. Agreeing to pay a repairman to charge you three hours or more for a repair that takes ten minutes is not mitigating loss, this would be looked at as a time saving convenience! The landlord may decline or reduce the amount to be reimbursed if the charges are unreasonable. You should review the tradespeople for urgent repairs online for the landlords nominated tradespeople for the most up to date information.