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Complaints Procedures & Policy

At Fusion Realty we are committed to providing you with a first-class service and effectively delivering the Real Estate services you need. Even with the best of intentions, we know things can go wrong. So, if for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with any aspect of our real estate service, please let us know as soon as possible. We'll investigate the situation and where necessary, set about putting things right as quickly as possible. We may also take steps to avoid similar problems happening in the future. Your views are important to us and your feedback is the key to improving the real estate services we offer.


real estate confidentiality

  • Complaints will be recorded by Fusion Realty in a confidential manner
  • Complaint information will only be given to people directly involved and a mediator (if so appointed).
    (This maybe an Independent Mediator from outside Fusion Realty if there is a breakdown in communication).
  • Everyone involved will be advised of the need for confidentiality.



  • Fair treatment for all is paramount.
  • The complaint will be handled fairly and in good faith by a Fusion Realty.
  • Any person complained about has the right to know the details of any allegations against them.
  • All parties will have the opportunity to give their version of events
  • No final decision will be made or action taken until all relevant information has been assessed.
  • All complaints must be substantiated.

Our Complaints Procedures and Policy does not apply to the following:

  • Unsuccessful Tenancy Applications.
  • Termination Notices and Termination of any Lease Agreement.

Contact us here if your complaint relates to the above two items

What to do?

We encourage you to go through these options to resolve your complaint.

Option 1 - Self help

Try to resolve the problem yourself by talking to the person or people involved.

Option 2 - Lodging an online complaint

Lodging an online complaint is the most efficient and effective way of achieving a successful outcome.

Contact us here to lodge and online complaint

Option 3 - Make a written complaint to management

Fusion Realty
P.O. Box 724
Strawberry Hills NSW 2012

What happens when complaint is received?

A complaint record is generated.
We will contact you to discuss the issue, and determine if it can be resolved quickly.
If not, we'll investigate it and then advise you of Fusion Realty's response addressing your concerns within 30 working days.

Contact us here to lodge and online complaint